Mary & Jason = Faneuil Hall Fun

December 9th, 2011

Mary and Jason have the lights of Faneuil (I think I spelled it correctly) Hall as a backdrop for these nighttime portraits.

Mary  and Jason were one of those couples every Boston wedding photographer has each year that just represents. They knew everyone and their guest list was replete with old Southie and Boston heavies. They partied like rock stars all night and celebrated their beautiful union in true Boston style–high above the city at the State Room.  We got ready at the Boston Harbor Hotel with Mary and her gang and then did some fun shots along the Greenway park. With all the splendor that is the State Room it was our foray through Faneuil Hall marketplace that made my night. They even stopped for their ritualistic java fix at the Starbucks inside–possibly fueling up for the night of dancing ahead.  This is Mary and Jason’s world and we just live in it.

Making pretty with the makeup.

Panorama stitch from the balcony at the BHH--what an incredible view.

The dress hangs high above the harbor and the fading Fall light.

Getting ready silhouette.

Mary's lil' niece is a bit excited.

The balcony provided the perfect space for uncluttered shot so my beautiful bride.

Beautiful late afternoon light meet beautiful Mary.

The girls under the arch at the BHH.

More girlie Boston shots.

Having some fun along the Greenway.

Mary finding the light.

The ceremony was in the incredible Harborside Salon.


Post-ceremony--The first official sanctioned portrait of the newlyweds.

The gentlemen get into the action.

More portraits and fun in Faneuil Hall.

Guys and doll.

Guys and guy--like some Kettle One commercial.

Then into the marketplace in search of Starbucks.

But why not have some fun along the way--good thing she's not shy.

The Wedding Party shot as workers look on.

Mission accomplished!

Mary makes her entrance to the State Room's Great Room.

First dance with a view.

The cake.

More detail work on sweetheart table.

Mary through the looking glass.

The gloves came off as the dance party erupted out of nowhere.


Julia & Scott: Mini wedding celebration

October 20th, 2011

Family wedding photos line the table as Julia and Scott descend the Grand staircase at Hampshire House.

Julia and Scott live in Chicago and that is where they had their “big” wedding celebration but before that, Julia wanted to do something, somewhere, so that her grandmother could see her wedding–enter family and some close friends to the historic Hampshire House in Boston for a cozy lil’ ceremony just for her. It couldn’t have been sweeter or more intimate. We spent some time just Julia and Scott and I + my second cameraman, USK, wandering the bricked sidewalks and cobblestones of Beacon Hill. Then we joined the party for some formals in The Public Garden before the ceremony and reception in the library room upstairs–this was definitely a place where everybody knows your name.

Window light is right.

And again.



...and still more canoodling (of course I'm making them do it for the photos but it happened none-the-less).

Just strolling through Beacon Hill in a wedding dress (happens every weekend, I'm sure).

On the side streets off Charles--with USK adding some fill.

Beacon Hill portrait around the corner from Hampshire House.

Finding a little spot for some love.

Trying hard to find something that says Boston.

American beautiful.

The Gang's all there.

Special greeting for Grandma.

The entire wedding party

"Ready to do this?"

Portraits on a cloudy day--like a giant softbox giving nice soft light.

Beautiful day for a stroll through the Garden.

As Abbey Road as we could make it.

Escorting his bride to the alter.

This room is just perfect for black and white.





Ceremony room flipped in record time.



More details.

One more quick portrait because we have to have a spiral staircase shot.

Showing grandma the bling.

Looking great even getting bustled.

"I'll show you mine..."

It's not just the kids that do this.

Great, great service at the Hampshire House!

Many toasts from moms and dad to brothers and friends.

Everyone was encouraged to say a little something.

Toasting each other.


Sealed with a kiss.

From Philly with Love: Adam & Elyse Sneak Peek!

October 20th, 2011

Smooch along the Chuck!

Here’s a quick peek at Elyse and Adam. We’ve come a long way since our February engagement shoot down in the City of Brotherly Love (I can say that since I am a Boston wedding photographer). A beautiful couple surrounded by incredible family and friends, nice weather and fun. Check them out below to make sure I’m tellin’ the truth (especially about the beautiful part).  Great again working with Katie and the staff at the Royal Sonesta. Big shout out to the band, Eye 2 Eye–for making the night is so fun and smooth.

Getting ready.

Two birds with one shot--Jimmy Choo shoes and The dress.

Reflected Beauty.

More beauty reflected.

Waitin' on a Woman!

Likin' what he's a seein'.

Off to shoot some portraits.

This is their signature couple move--and it works.

As close to flawless as we get.

Not so bad himself--kinda that 007 movie poster look.

More...I think this is a smoldering look but I don't know what that is exactly.

My second photog adding the key second light to the mix.

More bride beauty.

Is this Adam's "good side" of the River?

Definitely Elyse's good side.

Silhouette and skyline.

Late afternoon speed-light with CTO filter.

In Love.

Another angle.

Girls on parade.

Signing of the Ketubah with friends and family in attendance.

Really proud parents.

A nearly full moon peeks in to see the ceremony.

Mazel Tov!

Not ready to let go--they soak in the moment to it's fullest.

Let'em know how you feel, Adam.

Flower girl vs Bride.

First dance.

Moms go for a ride.

Bro in law shows some respect.


Lissa & Brian: One I just had to post

October 19th, 2011

Seated firmly on a moss covered bench in an English garden surrounded by Nature--this is how I see them.

Lissa  and Brian wrote me a while back and thanked me for “getting” them. I really don’t know if I can say that but what I can say is that these are the kinds of people, Good People, that we should all try to “get”.  I feel honored to have been a part of their nuptials that day at the beautiful Codman Estate. What I do see is two people deeply in Love and very committed. Two that are One in so many ways. These folks have been an item since birth (well at least somewhere in toddlerhood). They survived high school, colleges, distances, and time–the Mutha of all relationship killers.  I met them photographing Brian’s sisters wedding and could tell how attentive they were to the process and making that day special. Brian played violin (I hope I have that instrument correct but it was some sort of violin-looking thing). Lissa was doing DIY reception set-up until the 11th hour all to make that day special for Brian’s sis.

Then came our engagement shoot in Nahant–they scaled cliffs and forded tidal surges to allow me some epic shots–all with a nonchalance like they’ve done this many times before.

There are many people on this Green Earth–if you are lucky enough to run into these two woodland creatures–approach slowly, with a kind heart and just try to get them–it will make you smile.

Hope you didn't think there'd be some ostentatious gown after that intro--simple and perfect.

More simplicity done right--thanks to Faxon Green:

Getting ready--5 minutes 'til--not your usual bride.

Brian is gonna need some help.

...And he gets plenty.

The rings in the Nature of her bouquet.

Ceremony site in the Italian Garden.




Almost time--some last minute jitters?

The long road ahead?

Some fun before we head down the ceremony--sorta American Gothic-ish.

We don't want to be stumbling down the aisle.

As in LIfe they will be hand-in-hand for their entrance to their ceremony.

I don't know who the statue guy was but he seems to approve.

Afterwards family gathers in such an organic way--no formal receiving line--just being real.

Great assist from my stellar 2nd cam Tony Yu with the off camera soft light sweetness.

The sun graced them just after the ceremony.

Reception outside the Carriage House.

Faxon Green's flora.

and still more woman-created Natural flora.

And still more fauna--this little finch was lining its nest with these things.

Did she call ahead and ask the florist what the bouquet was wearing?

Cocktail magical hour.

The English Garden again.

Nothing says New England like a well made stone wall.

The colors of the buffet.

Homemade pie in place of cake--baked by all the friends and family: Peach, apple and blueberry-yum 🙂


One last kiss good night.

























Jill & Ezra Quick Peak

October 16th, 2011

Jill & Ezra post ceremony smooch near Hingham harbor.

Jill and Ezra had their wedding ceremony  at the Old Ship Metting House in downtown Hingham and then celebrated their reception with hundreds of guests under a gorgeous tent at Jill’s parent’s historical home just around the corner.  What a truly great way to spend your wedding day/night complete with Ezra singing a beautiful song he wrote for their marriage.

The dress reflected.

Jill reflected.

Dad gets a first look.

First look!

Dad escorts his baby girl.


The Old Ship is the oldest continuously used meeting house in the US.


JIll's parents watching the action from their box seats.

So to does her good friend.

Watching me watching them.

Homemade touches everywhere.


Brought in their own chuppah.


Glass broken and...

...mozel tov!!!


Getting the congrats.

Time for a private kiss post ceremony.


Now downtown for some photos.

First stop something beachy near the harbor.


Toes in the sand.

It looks deserted but there was several beach regulars we carefully avoided--especially the old man in the Speedo.

Portrait of Ezra. Hingham, Mass. circa 2011

Love at the old theatre.

Incredible big tent for the festivities on the side yard.

Details and party favors.

The cake under the big tent.

Some family formals group #1.

Group #1A.

And some brotherly love.

What wedding isn't complete without bubbles--perfect kid favor.

Passionate speeches from the best of men...

And Jill's brothers provided the laughs.


Plus the "best" girl.

Some traditions needed to be performed...

and more traditions got everyone involved.

Then is was just party time--or more traditions as Ezra's Dad celebrated to "YMCA".

Dancing with grandparents.


Bridesmaids sang with the band - Men in Black

More passionate speeches this time utilizing modern technology.

Ezra and his old bandmates played a crowd favorite.

And the crowd went nuts.

Really nuts--I don't even know what dance this is.


Mom and Dad share some love on the dance floor.

Ezra and Jill shared a little love out by the old tree swing.


They concluded the night with a song written especially for their marriage.

Many thanks to my stellar second cameraman, Chris Gagne, Men in Black for providing the tunes, East Meets West Catering and anyone I missed; this was a grand affair.



Lauren & Steven at New Seabury and Popponesset Inn

October 15th, 2011

Beautiful twilight is everything in this shot as Steve and Lauren pose for in impromptu portrait.

In Greek myth, Narcissus was a beautiful young man who rejected all potential lovers, but then tragically fell in love with his own reflection in a pool. Why start a blog like that? Because this is all about Steven–and the simple fact that as beautiful, athletic, sensitive and intelligent as he may be–he is also smart enough to know that Lauren trumps any reflection.  Never have I met a man so completely comfortable with himself and so full of self-love that his mere presence is infectious to all around him.   Most men could never come close to pulling this off  as he can shift between utter machismo and emotionally feminine without skipping a beat. Its takes a special kind of woman to match this stride for stride and Lauren is the perfect fit.

Lauren and Steven chose the magnificent resort at New Seabury and the Popponesset Country Club for their wedding reception.  The last time I was here for a wedding 3 groomsmen went skinny dipping in front of all the wedding guests so I was ready for anything this time. Maybe its the salt air but this wedding had an energy that rocked us all night long. I tend to think that the force field that surrounds these two special people could power a small city–as evidenced below. Enjoy. I certainly did.

The Dress and The Beach.

The hardware.

The girls approve.


Dudes on parade.

Cute. Beautiful. Simple.


The Church - Christ the King Church in Mashpee.


Proud Papa and his girl.


Makin' it official--put a ring on it!


Running the gauntlet with flags a flyin'...


And high-fivin', fist bumping and smilin' all the way.


The family #1.

Family # 1A.

Love in the Marketplace at Popponesset.

More Marketplace--so many kitschy things to take advantage of in here.

The local watering hole.

The Gang, Posse, Entourage, etc.


Playing poker--totally staged but fun none-the-less.



Battery powered love machine.


Perfect light.

Perfectly comfortable holding his girl's purse or her bouquet.

Sunset kisses.

Even works in BW.

Hand-in-hand together in Life.


How they really are.


More natural beauty.

Details, details...


Pumping up the energy waiting on the main attraction.

No strings attached and he has no harness.

Everybody got into the act.

Dancing with Dad.


And Mom.


An embarrassment of dessert riches provided the fuel.

For the madness that ensued--no dress malfunction here.


This guy is at every wedding.


Little bro getting some air!

Party rock.

Not a great shot but I had to submit it as evidence that Steven could bring it!

Signature cocktail: The Perfect Pair Lemonade (vodka + raspberry pink lemonade) 🙂


Thanks guys for making this fun!

Kate & Steve’s excellent adventure

October 14th, 2011

Lobster love in Fan Hall.

Steve and Kate wanted something distinctly Boston so they devised their own version of TTD.  With a swagger that few people could pull off they tramped about Boston kissing, loving and drinking lemonade from Faneuil Hall to the MFA with stops in between. After a beautiful ceremony in the unique Class of 1959 Chapel at the Harvard Business School, and an afternoon brunch reception at the Four Seasons these two were not done as if evidenced in the photos. Lots of fun and I’m sure a few memories. When your bride tells you that her Dad can steer a car with his knees while loading a machine gun any Boston wedding photographer would perk up quickly to what might come next.

Harvard Business School Chapel on Western Ave was one of the most unique structures I've photographed (both inside and out).


Inside the Chapel light streams in from the glass ceiling.

When Life gives you lemons...

Horsey ride with his new bride.


As sure as anything--it will always be windy along the St. James Street side of the Hancock Tower.

Waiting on their bus or limo--this is where they get the ride-off-into-the-sunset ride.


Sneak Peak! Sherri & JJ

October 7th, 2011

Some love on the Fish Pier.

Just a few quick ones from this beautiful wedding day for Sherri and JJ at the Seaport Hotel and environs. Weather was perfect after so much rain. Fun people all at this mega-wedding–what more can a Boston wedding photographer ask for.

Model perfect.

JJ is doing alright for himself here. This is a man who knows how to dress! Tip #1: Get a beautiful girl and hold on.

The garden behind the Winter Garden was the perfect place for the reveal.

Mama gettin' some lovin'.

The boyz and there were a ton of them!


Sis and niece lookin fab on the aisle.


A kiss is just a kiss--unless it's this one.


The speech...

...and some heartfelt tears.


Gettin' down--these folks could "move it, move it!"

Wedding Swirl

September 19th, 2011

Some quickies from the Wedding Swirl hosted by Veronica of Blue Ivy. Made some bookings, got to sample the wares and schmooze with my colleagues in the industry. Many I’ve worked with these past 6 years and looking forward to working with the others. Asked by V if I’d do it again and the answer is yes!

My girl with Shannon Michelle sitting on our Prop Factory sofa.

Tangerine Creations creation.

Nantucket Island Resorts


Samples from the Cookie Creatives by Jennifer


Cakes and other goodies from Amanda Oakleaf.


The ladies from Gretta Cole dancing up a storm at the "Swirl".

Magic Happened

August 13th, 2011

The magical bond of Sisterhood--it spans every emotion from true love to the depths of hate and back--always back.

” A few can touch the magic string, and noisy fame is proud to win them:

Alas for those that never sing, but die with all their music in them!”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes

The busy of Life takes over us sometimes and blurs the evidence of our true existence. I’ve been searching for something elusive but had only to see with my very eyes that which was right before me.  I watched in wonder and sometimes coached–maybe too much but I didn’t want them to fail–but in the end I just stood there marveling at the pure magic happening all around me.  Everything was perfect and then it was not and then perfect again. The wind rose and then died.  There were tears and much laughter after.  Their squeaky voices echoed down the hills and flew through the air on their kites.  The pig flew the highest.  Strings were tangled.  The sun slowly set and we basked in its orangey warmth.  A nearly full moon slowly rose from behind the trees, like a God peering at his people.  We were happy.  And magic happened over and over.

They worried that the planes might hit them.

Little magical creatures.

"A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work." -Colin Powell

"I close my eyes, then I drift away, into the magic night I softly say. A silent prayer, like dreamers do, then I fall asleep to dream my dreams of you." Roy Orbison

"Believe in love. Believe in magic. Hell, believe in Santa Clause. Believe in others. Believe in yourself. Believe in your dreams. If you don't, who will?" -Jon Bon Jovi