FOUR WEEK Business Mindset & Accountability Class:

Meeting Tuesdays at 9pm, starting 5/17

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Business Mentorship Group with Asha (Dir. of Business Development @DMPJ)

Three years ago I left an extremely successful career in  Business Development & Sales. I have managed  $6million per year business, and year after year brought 30% growth to every company or product line I supported. But, I got bored with Corporate, and decided to leave. The only problem was my business coaching career was just starting, and well, supporting a family on 4-5 clients/ month was just not doable.

So, I decided to join my husband, Glen Cooper. He had a very steady part time business, and after his Newspaper Photojournalists career came to a new cross roads (the Newspaper closed!) we decided to make DMPJ by Glen Cooper a go.

Today, after only 2 years, it not only feeds us, but also supports a group of photographers,  and allows us the lifestyle to travel. It is not all roses all the time, let me not paint a picture of perfection, but every year our business doubles in revenues, and we could not be happier with what we have created and HOW we have created it. Doing what we love in an authentic way.

I know many of you are either subsidizing  your income by non-“your passion”  jobs or are not quite making ends meet the way you want to. So, I have a created a way for you to get the business building information at a more accessible rate while creating community with others in the industry.

I am here to serve you. I am here to help others like the many artists/ photographers I know who are talented and have a hard time getting paid for their work. Or rather getting paid in a way that is sustainable and profitable.

If you feel like it’s time for you to stop messing around with your photography or wedding service, and are ready to have your passion feed not just your soul, I invite you to be in the first wave of this revolutionary way of growing a business- With authenticity & integrity.

Business Mentorship Program- 8 week program

Meet once/ week on the phone, WEDNESDAYS , 12-1pm Eastern time.

* All classes are recorded, so no worries if you miss any!

Week 1: – The Competition & How you can stand out…

Week 2:Ideal Client Profile- flushing this out

Week 3: Aligning Client-Business Values

Week 4:  – Value & Pricing

Break- Implementation Week – time for you to implement what you have learned

Week 5: The dirty word in business: SALES!

Week 6: Managing your Business- the nitty gritty

Week 7: Blogging & Social Media & Networking

Week 8:  – Making Your Marketing Message Consistent

Bonus 1: Week 9:  – “So much to do! Getting Organized”

Bonus 2: one 20-minute business coaching session with Asha


<Option 2: pay in full $299 (after January 15)

Option 3: 2-part payment plan (you will be billed $175 each month for 2 months)

I value your investment, I guarantee all my programs with 100% money back guarantee.

What others have said about working with Asha…


I was part of the fall mentoring group with Asha.  Asha helped me define my brand and direction and was very open and giving in her feedback. The feedback on the website alone was worth the time and expense. I thought the outline of the course worked well and the implementation day half way through really forced me to sit down and work on the tough to-do’s on my list. Asha provides a framework and knowledge that will allow you to push past your barriers.– Mark Andrew Higgins, Photographer


When I joined your Business Development Group I was in a great place professionally, but as a new business owner I had lots of questions – How do I differentiate myself? What marketing outlets would work best for me? How do potential clients perceive my business? – all of which were overwhelming. I was confident in the services I offer, but needed direction and guidance on how to grow my business.

Becoming connected with you and the Group was the best thing that has come thus far. It was a dedicated space for me to share in the challenges that all business encounter, while offering an open forum to learn from other company’s successes and mistakes. Of the entire experience, I substantially benefited from hearing your experience and insight into challenging situations – I have since modified the way I consult with clients, and I am thrilled with the results.

Through the ten weeks I have developed a sharper definition of what works best for me. As obvious as it sounds, defining what I love to do, and with whom I love to work, was not something I had previously considered. WOW what a difference it has made!! In better defining my objectives and communicating that message clearly, I am working with the most fantastic couples and am seeing better returns on my marketing investments. My first year in business was great and the second year is going to be even better.

Thank you for all of your guidance, encouragement, and positive energy. Personally and professionally, it means more than you may know.
Jessica, Alden Blair Event Planner


What I got from our coaching session:
1.  Accountability: an appointment, a task, and a time line to get it done by.
2.  Excitement: sharing back and forth to create energy around what I’m doing.
3.  Inspiration:  showing us your albums, telling us how  to increase income, and sharing your thoughts around pricing and packaging.

T M, Photographer


I got a clear direction of where I am headed and you helped me discover $500-$1000/ month of business I was not capturing. Loved you, S M, Photographer