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Album Clarity

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

She’s eager to put it together, but not even close to psyched to go through the selection process….”There’s so much pressure! I have to get it right. I’m afraid that I will hurt someone’s feelings, and face it, there are so many good ones, I have no clue”. This is what Sue said to me last week, but somehow, she is not different from most of us wanting to get it right- this time we are talking about the album.

Getting Clear: The overwhelming feeling comes sometimes from wanting to please other people or fear that it won’t come out right. Relax. First of all, if you have done your homework, you are in good hands. You will have people who are experts at design and bringing your vision to print. The truth is that you do know what you want, it is just a little clouded by the anxiety and fear. So, how to get to what you want?